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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laugh Out Loud Offensive

Check out this laugh out loud offensive Goodyear ad from 1970:

Most. Misogynistic. Ad. Ever.

This comment sums it up:

"They're editing this like a confused Golden Retriever is driving the car."

(from autoblog)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hill Ride Success!

Today I made the ride up to the Mormon temple up in the Oakland Hills. This is kind of a big landmark for me, one of the first goals I set for myself to take riding seriously. It's about 700ft climb in not very much distance, so the first time I tried to do it, I literally ended up sitting on the side of the road trying not to puke ( Hill Ride Aborted). This time I planned a little more carefully and I'm a much stronger rider. I think

mormon temple ride 2009.02.14 (6)

Yeah, that's all the smile I could muster. Let's just say I was a bit tired. The view from up there is amazing:

mormon temple ride 2009.02.14 (10)

The ride down was quite fun, I was coasting at 30mph down a 6% grade and there were no cars on my road, so it felt nice and safe... until it started pouring rain all of a sudden. That made the rest of the ride less fun.

Here's the route I found:

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

10,000 Calories Burned

When I decided last fall that I would take up cycling in a serious way, I definitely had to decide weather or not I was going to stick to it enough to warrant all the expense of buying all this super-nerdy cycling gear.

This morning I was able to get a decent estimate of how much I've ridden:

Member Since: 10/12/2008
Total Maps: 14
Total Workouts: 14
Total Distance: 192.98 mi.
Total Burned: 9,841 (kcal)

Holy crap, I guess I'm really doing this. My next ride will hit 200 miles and 10,000 calories burned, that's definitely some kind of landmark.

Interestingly, my weight has actually gone up a pound or two this week. I suppose any fat I've been burning is being replaced with leg muscles...

I've been using my GPS in my phone to log all my rides and upload them to mapmyride.com (i have a huge love hate with this site, great idea, great futures, worst user experience/design ever).

Stay tuned, my next blog post is going to be all about pain.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Water-Powered Jet Pack