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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Moves to Kill Android Community Right as it is Warming Up

Looks like Google's legal department have gone and decided to screw any good will that the amazing Android development team has managed to earn with the community that has been organically forming around their new mobile OS. This seriously could be the moment where what was looking to be the best tech story of the next 5 years sputters and dies due to lack of a thriving community built around it.

If anyone within Google has any sense they'll pull back their attack dogs and do it fast.

CyanogenMod in trouble? – Android and Me

[20:03] cyanogen> google just cease and desisted me
[20:15] cyanogen> cyanogenmod is probably going to be dead
[20:16] cyanogen> i’m opening a dialogue with them
[20:20] cyanogen> no they are talking specifically about the closed-source google apps
[20:20] cyanogen> and how i am not licensed to distribute them
[20:20] cyanogen> my argument is that i only develop for google-experience devices which are already licensed for these apps
[20:20] cyanogen> so we’ll see what they say
[20:20] cyanogen> maybe we can work something out
[20:24] cyanogen> maps, market, talk, gmail, youtube

Cyanogen is just a guy working in his free time, without pay to make the best, most widely used community ROM for the G1 available right now. If Google smacks down these community ROMs and makes the Android the exclusive domain of the dry corporate interests, kiss the momentum goodbye.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Indoorcycling: Full On Gymnastics... On a Bike.

These girls are so far beyond badass there needs to be a whole new word created just for them:

European Junior Championships Indoorcycling

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