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Friday, March 20, 2009

Asus: We Put Computers IN Computers

Meditations on Asus Fanboyism:

josh: i'm stoked on netbooks
tina: Yeah, I am coveting.

josh: it validates something i've been saying for years

josh: that companies need to use the economies of scale and mores law to bring down the entry point instead of just upping the power of the $2000 bracket

tina: My philosophy is that most people buy more computer than they need.

josh: we can have $40 laptops

josh: there no reason why not

josh: i'm a total asus fanboy now

josh: i need an asus shirt

josh: somehting super nerdy

josh: with a picture of a pc in a pc in a keyboard in a pc monitor

tina: "Asus: pushing the limits of logical computer design."

tina: I think there's basically someone who works there that is good with legos.

josh: "Asus: pushing PAST the limits of logical computer design."

tina: Taking all of the components and building strange stuff.

josh: "Asus: yeah, half our shit makes no sense"

josh: but they epidomize the idea of fuction over form

tina: "Asus: who says you can't have two monitors on one keyboard?"

josh: they just do enough to make it look passablely good

josh: but that's it

josh: you arn't going to pickup college girls with this laptop

josh: But it only costs you $200, and you get your shit done.

As quick rundown of some Asus products:

Gigantic wooden lapdesk and laptop in one

A pine scented laptop

A touchscreen computer in your keyboard

A touchscreen computer in your laptop trackpad

A bamboo computer

A touchscreen computer in your computer

Origami laptop concept

I love these guys... its like Willy Wonkas Computer Factory


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