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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

300 Miles Ridden: The Power of Self-Deception

The last two rides I went on I woke up tired and didn't feel like going, but I managed to trick myself into it by telling myself I'd "just go on a quick couple miler." Sunday I went totally bonkers and tricked myself in almost 24 miles of aimless wandering:

Next time I head down that way, I'm going to skip the sewage treatment plant...

Then this mornining Josh Waggy and I talked ourselves out on a "quick ride" to the beach in Alameda, and instead wandered are way up to Alameda Naval Base (about 15 miles):

We ended up messing around out at the Alameda Naval Base skatepark, wishing we were 15 years younger and with bikes more suited to the terrain:
alameda skate part with josh waggy (4)
alameda skate part with josh waggy (3)

It amazes me that this gorgeous skatepark is totally empty every time I've been there. Though I suppose skating 10 miles out to it over pretty shoddy, gravelly roads is no fun.

Today's deception put my total tracked rides up over 300 miles. Hopefully the one side of my brain that I'm tricking here will stay stupid and I can keep this pace up...



Blogger whodoithinkiam said...

I have some weird mental picture of you biking across the runways of OAK. Thought about doing a race at some point?

11:25 AM

Blogger Vitriolix said...

Yeah, it was weird... all these DHS guys kept trying to get me off the runways, but that didn't stop me... hehe. But yes, on that map it really does look like i ducked through a hole in the fence doesn't it? Its actually a really nice, smooth, road and bike trail (fenced off) through the middle of the airport for some reason. Nice views of hte 747's landing too.

As for racing, I've thought about it, that could be really fun. But I'm no where near race ready, I have a lot of work to do an a lot to learn. I'm contemplating doing a very long charity ride though, I think that will be a good stepping stone for me. That was I get the experience of super long distance riding in a large group, but without the "race" pretense making me push myself harder than is healthy.

12:37 PM

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