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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My 1st 30th Birthday Present...

I got a nice package today... judging by the fact that it was from BevMo I had a pretty good guess who it was from. Knowing who it was from, I had a pretty good guess what it was. Jon knows me too well:

After I happily opened to box and saw one of my favorite single malts of all time, I pulled to bottle out of its packaging and started contemplating if drinking single malt at 11am on a Tuesday is ok. I mean, it is my birthday in a few days. Then Tina says "Hey wait... there is something else in the box at the bottom":

I take it back... Jon knows me WAY too well, mmm... Bud Light.


Anonymous Oli Walsh said...

Jeez, you going to be 30 - we are getting old ain't we :) Congrats and have a good one mate! [email protected]

2:14 AM

Anonymous Renae said...

That is fucking awesome. I think I have some Bud Light in my basement fridge! hehehe

10:35 AM

Anonymous Renae said...

Oops. nevermind that link. I am a loser.

10:36 AM

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