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Friday, August 26, 2005

Sound Installation at Burningman 2005

Our sound installation will be at Burningman again this year, but due to a little mix-up with Artery communication, we're not placed where it says on the map that gets handed out. So we're trying to spread the word to people heading up to BM as to our new location. Please forward this to people you know who are going.

We have updated our site with a little map showing where to find us and IO this year:


The Improbable Orchestra (IO) is an interactive sound installation that allows four participants to jam, remix, and reshape music in realtime. IO's easy to use control surface and loop-based song structure ensure that even those with no musical training will be able to create dynamic, interesting sounds in a variety of musical styles.

Once we get out to the playa we will put a note on the IO generator ofwhere exactly you can find our camp. Stop by and hang out.

Check out the videos and pictures to get a better idea what its all about:



Meet the IO Crew!

Come join us for Wine and Cheese @ 2pm on Friday at the IO site. Bring wine, cheese, beer, whatever!